Hot Dog Day

Hot Dog DayYes, Alfred celebrates Hot Dog Day! It all began in 1972 as the idea of Alfred University students Mark O’Meara and Eric “Rick” Vaughn. They wanted to create a community event; little did they know it would still be going strong 42 years later. Held in late April, it is focused on that ever-popular (and inexpensive) student staple, the hot dog, and is planned by students from both Alfred University and Alfred State College. It’s the one time each year that both schools and the town come together for a shared experience. Local charities benefit as the recipients of proceeds raised during the day which features a parade, carnival, games, food booths, art and craft vendors, mud Olympics, a 5k race, and music. Alfred’s Main Street is closed off during the afternoon to host the festivities and becomes packed wall-to-wall with students, faculty, staff, community members, visiting families, and alumni. Hot Dog Day is a bit quirky and always fun!

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