Alfred Heights

Barresi, Alfred Heights0001 Silver Creek NY, Alfred Heights

If you’re ever traveling along Lake Erie, you might be interested in cruising through Silver Creek, NY to check out Alfred Heights. Developed in 1958 by Dr. Cewsme Barresi, Class of 1921, the development literally has Alfred written all over it! He planned the street in the shape of the letter “A” for Alfred (rotate the above street view photo 90 degrees to see it). The main street into the development is Alfred Drive, intersected by Drake Avenue (named for AU president M. Ellis Drake). The top street is Alpine, a nod to Barresi’s fraternity (Klan Alpine) while a student at the University. The fourth street, Crandall, could very well also be an Alfred moniker given the extensive Crandall history with the town, but it’s actually named for a former mayor of Silver Creek, Herbert Crandall.

And if you think the name Barresi seems somehow familiar, it’s because one of the residence halls on campus is named after the man who was a long supporter of the University through his financial gifts and time spent as a trustee.

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